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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

They Think We're Stupid Because We Are - Arlene Karbashewski

So you're sitting at home enjoying a nice evening with your family when the doorbell rings.

"Hello, I'm from ABC Security Systems and I'm selling new security systems in your neighbourhood. Are you interested?"

"Well, no, not right now. We're in a pretty secure neighbourhood, but thanks anyway."

And you shut the door thinking to yourself, "That was easy."

Two weeks later, there's a rash of thefts in your nice, quiet neighbourhood. Not everyone on the block gets hit. Just the ones that don't have dogs, security systems, etc...

Get the picture?

We mindlessly answer our front door letting strangers inside to scope out our possessions, discover our weaknesses and give them information they can use against us to steal our sense of security along with our stuff.

It's time to smarten up people! It's time to start taking names and numbers. Ask, no better yet, DEMAND to see their driver's license or any other form of government issued identification.

Business cards can be printed on any laptop. It doesn't make them real. Would you like to see my Law Degree from Serves-you-right University?

If they're legit, they should have no problem providing you with their information.

Don't let them call the shots, you have every right to know who's standing on your property. Don't take no for an answer - it is your business and your right to ask!

If they can't show ID, call the RCMP. Take notice of their appearance. Height, weight, clothing, etc. and look for a vehicle. You're doing the whole neighbourhood a favor by being proactive.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Fresh Blood - Arlene Karbashewski

The ancient courtyard sits in poised silence as tendrils of mist creep along its paths in search of warm blooded creatures. Black moss protects my bare feet from the icy stones on which I stand. For the thousandth time I let my thoughts wander across the familiar grounds.

Kings walked this courtyard once. They were the great ones, the Kings, who orchestrated the battles between men and monsters only to fill the mouths of dragons with the bones and the blood of the unworthy and the weak. That was before the first war of this world, a hundred world wars ago.

Carefully I measure the mood upon the surface of the pool before me. It wears the shades of silver and gray reflected by the winter sky above. I peer over the edge, my toes itching to break the glassy surface and send ripples across its flatness. Are they awake?

They can’t know – the others - what lies in wait at the bottom. It’s a secret I cherish, paid for with my own sanity almost a hundred challenges ago.

I slip off my robe - a gift of virgin silk that binds me to this existence. It falls silently to my feet. I am not shy of my nakedness. I wear my scars proudly.

I slide into the water and sigh at the familiar touch of the black seaweed against my thighs. It recognizes me and wraps its loving tendrils around my nakedness protecting me from the depths. I pretend to swim as the seaweed carries me through the water. They must not suspect. Not yet.

I’m in the middle of the pool now. The place where all was lost. My life, my love, my sanity. I submerge my face and for just a brief moment I open my eyes. My protectors tighten their hold at my willfulness.

It stirs as it senses my sightless observation. From the endless depths it sends a warning – a threat of pure nothingness that tears at the fibers of my mind. It is awake now and it is hungry. I quickly shut my eyes. Water fills my mouth. It burns like acid reaching into my throat. My warning, my punishment. I lift my head and let the water pour back into the pool.

I complete my lap through the water. I pull myself out and sit on the edge to allow my feet to dangle. I am warm. I feel safe. I cannot say the same for the others.

The contenders are blind to the inhabitant of the pool. They show no fear. As it was for me a lifetime ago, as it should be today.

The first to enter is fearless. A warrior, a victor with a taste for bloodshed. His laughter echoes loudly. Disrespectfully. A grave mistake the mist has witnessed before. It swirls around the contender in slow, graceful circles, saying goodbye.

Courage has no value here. Fear, hope, love – all that humankind holds dear – becomes meaningless and worthless at the gates of this hell. I speculate that it all tastes the same to that which lies at the bottom.

I silently say goodbye as he enters the pool. As I once did, he battles the seaweed, ripping at its loving and caring limbs. He is strong in will and might and swims lightly across the surface on his own. The seaweed sighs knowing the end is near.

He glides through the water in perfect rhythm. Ripples lap at my dangling feet sending shivers up my legs. Then, as lightly as a lover’s sigh, it begins - a subtle but unmistakable shudder that caresses my skin. A vibration that ripples across the swimmer, invisible to all but me, that gently and quietly steals all reason from his mind. Quietly, ever so careful not to draw attention, I pull my feet from the water.

It’s over for him and as he pulls himself out of the pool to stand beside me, I witness the nothingness in his eyes. The grin of the mindless, forever frozen on his lips, he wanders away, naked and dripping, the mist lapping at his skin, lost forever in the secret of the pool.

First course complete, an appetizer of reason served cold. The second already swimming toward his demise, clueless to the hellhound that lies in wait, finds deception in his achievements.

The thunder feels as if it comes from the sky, but only I know better. Here it comes. From the depths, it stirs the poison up toward the surface and the swimmer is bathed in its saliva. Shudders rock the courtyard as its appetite is aroused. This one climbs out next to me with all his wits about him. Tomorrow the sun will rise upon his corpse, unrecognizable to loved ones who have never seen him without his skin before.

The sky brightens as the last competitor, the two who swim as one, gently slide into the pool. The mist stops its wandering across the courtyard and stills in anticipation.

Courage and fear, times two, paddle through the water like puppies fighting to keep their chins dry. They glance at each other, they smile at each other, feeding and nurturing and loving.

Poor, pathetic souls, I think to myself. My watery seaweed companions bob and sway in agreement. To what end will they meet today? Will it be quick and bubbly or slow and frothy? I’ve seen both, and either way it’s always very bloody.

The tremors begin as they approach the middle of the pool - heavy, thunderous earthquake tremors that resonate deep inside my stomach. I swallow to keep from vomiting.

The secret rises up from the endless depth, a vortex of darkness sucking at the swimmers who cling to each other in helplessness. They wrap their limbs around each other as if becoming one. They close their eyes against the sight of the teeth that emerge in a perfect and beautiful circle.

I cannot help but admire the beauty of the scene before me. Time slows down to bear witness to the perfectly orchestrated dance: thousands of sharp, white teeth bear down upon the swimmers as they twirl and twist and turn. 

But the teeth act not of one creature. They do not come together to chew at their prey like the giant jaws of a single animal. Instead, they slice and pierce and carve independently from one another in such a way as to fill the pool with chunky, bloody pieces of flesh that swirl and stir in a broth of blood and fat. Today, it is a slow and frothy scene as one swimmer is carved away from the other into puzzle pieces never to be put back together.

Only one finds death at the dance of the teeth. The other is left alone, scarred and scared with nothing but our seaweed for comfort. Tendrils lay the survivor at my feet, a weeping and sobbing puddle. There is no remedy for the madness that ensues. As I stare down at the bloody mess, I smile. My time is done here. They have a new plaything now. I am free. The secret has been shared. Welcome to my world.

Evolution of the Human Species - Arlene Karbashewski

Imagine a world free of discrimination. What would it look like?

Imagine what it would be like to live without gender inequality or racial profiling.

What would have to change to allow our species to let go of such things?

Would it be a shift in culture, belief, habit, practice, etc. or would something greater have to occur? Something outside of our own ability to choose, to decide, to control?

What if it is already happening? Does that cause concern for some? Comfort for others?

We have studied our own evolution. We have traced our path and ascertained that as we evolve, we improve. What makes us think we have stopped evolving? I believe, in fact, we continue to do so. We just don’t recognize or understand what it looks like.

Other species on the planet have very subtle differences, if any, between genders. Their physiology does not define their existence.


What if our species is evolving to resolve this very imbalance by introducing a physiology that cannot be determined as being either male or female?

Does that sound like anyone you may already know? Is this something you have experienced?

I believe we are a species evolving toward a higher level of being that will allow us to exist in a world free of gender inequality and racial discrimination simply by removing the physical indicators that allow for profiling at a subconscious and conscious level.

I believe we live among people who have already been born with this gift. I believe they have existed for generations, hiding in plain sight.

They are different and confusing to the rest of us. We define them as "not normal" because we do not recognize them for who they are. Sadly, they do not recognize themselves for who they are either. Instead, they accept our definition and in a desperate attempt to become "normal" they undergo surgical procedures and therapies to conform.

I can only imagine what this world will be like when we finally open our eyes and see our own evolution.